Danish Institute for IT Program Management

Digitalization is a prominent global megatrend. All aspects of private and public life, business, and administration are increasingly affected by digitalization. Digitalization is delivered as IT projects, and almost all large projects and investments, such as metros, industrial plants and airports, have large and critical IT elements. They are, as such, IT projects. 

In addition, IT projects proper are at the core of the delivery of government services and business operations. 

With an increasing element of IT in any project and organisation, research on IT stands to benefit not only IT projects and tech development, but all project types, and the wider agenda of how best to develop business, government, and society.

The vision for the Danish Institute for IT Program Management (DIIP) is to produce world-leading research on IT project and program management with an impact on the academy, policy, practice, and public debate.

Bent Flyvbjerg 
Villum Kann Rasmussen Professor
Director and Chair

Jens Schmidt